2013-2018 Playing Card Collector Pack- $59.99 with U.S./apo/fpo S&H

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We did the first deck back in 2013, we found 6 of the 2013 decks, so we are doing 6 collector packs with 2013-2018 cards and a challenge chip with the 2013 cover image.

Once these 6 are gone, they are gone, so this is the last chance to complete your collection!


We and update the deck every year with 12 or 13 new images, so each deck is different.

  • Every new year has the strongest images from 11 years of calendar shoots.
  • The Ace of Spades is a kill card dedicated to our favorite non-profit, AmericanSnipers.org
  • Standard Poker Deck with different image on each card 52 images!
  • Includes Texas Hold 'em rules and standard poker rules


International orders will have additional shipping, but still benefit from the package discount.