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Exotic Oceans Calendar

We know it is a bit unusual to have a calendar full of marine life on our website, but, we know that some of you have Moms, Wives, Girlfriends, Co-workers, Daughters or Kids that may not be as interested in Girls and Guns (or just guns) as you are, and we know that many of you need some help with a gift for these folks. 

It is 13 months of gallery-quality images from locations around the world with a whole range of marine life. We also donate 10% to charities that support marine conservation. Also, (surprise here) it has a lot of trivia related to ocean exploration, preservation and scuba diving, like the launch date of the original Sea Hunt Series, the record setting exploration of the Marianas Trench by the Trieste submarine and World Wetlands Day, because we can't duck hunt without a place for ducks to live.