2020 Tactical Girls Gun Calendar

Tactical Girls

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TGC 2020
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Tactical Girls® 2020 Bikini Gun Calendar starts in January of 2020 and brings you 13 months of beautiful women with some of the world's most exotic weaponry in realistic tactical settings.

The 2020 Tactical Girls Calendar includes the Cadex CDX-40 Shadow Precision Rifle in .375 CT, the Kel-Tec KSG KS7 Short bullpup Shotgun and last but not least the DRD Tactical Aptus takedown 5.56mm pistol which is combat-deployable from a concealed backpack in 60 seconds.

All of these, along with a variety of carbines, battle rifles, machine guns, pistols and sniper rifles, all with gorgeous models in realistic settings.

Perfect Holiday gift for the Marine, Soldier, Sailor, Airman, Police Officer, Shooting Enthusiast, Hunter, Airsoft Player or History buff on your list. Fill that 2 foot square empty space on your Man Cave, garage, barracks or tent wall with 13 months of Girls and Guns.

10% of the print run of this calendar is donated to deployed soldiers and organizations that support them, notably AmericanSnipers.org.