2022 Exotic Weapons Gun Calendar - Prior year collectible

Tactical Girls

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EXW 2022
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 The Tactical Girls calendar is great for a man-cave or on a wall at a Forward Operating Base. But a lot of guys also need a cool “work safe” or “spouse safe” gun calendar to hang at home or work. We whipped up the Exotic Weapons Calendar to satisfy your monthly gun fix without landing you in the dog-house.

The 2022 Exotic Weapons Calendar photos, detailed specifications and interesting facts about 13 tactical weapons used by competitive shooters, law enforcement, military and clandestine special operations agencies worldwide.             

The 2022 Exotic Weapons Calendar includes two Cadex Precision Rifles, the Kel-Tec Sub CQB integrally suppressed carbine and the DSA SPR, the most accurate FAL ever made. Additionally we have a throw back month with a collectible M1918A2 BAR, a faithful reproduction of the MAC-10 used by Snake Plissken in Escape from New York and the innovative LWRC SMG-45. 

All weapons are shown in contextual settings relevant to their use or users. Each month showcases a different weapons platform in a setting matched to the weapon with trivia from military, firearms and law-enforcement history. The Exotic Weapons Calendar a great gift for the Marine, Soldier, Sailor, Airman, Police Officer, Shooting Enthusiast, Hunter, Airsoft Player or History buff on your list.

10% of the print run of this calendar is donated to deployed soldiers and organizations that support them, notably AmericanSnipers.org.

Includes weapon specifications and trivia from military, law enforcement and firearms history. A perfect Holiday gift for the Marine, Soldier, Police Officer, Shooting Enthusiast, Hunter or History buff on your list.